Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You know what really frosts my cookies?

When people are in a parking garage, specifically my parking garage; and they have to get a spot as close to the elevator as possible. They park their car in the middle of the lane, and I can't get by, and then they get all meanie head with me when I honk my horn. And these are the stinkers that go to the gym! Why can't their lazy bums drive 10 spaces down and WALK to the elevator? I mean that's an extra 10 calories or something, right?

I also can't stand when girls who are pregnant, refer to themselves as preggo and preggers. Do they know how white trash they sound?

"Aw well you know I got knocked up 'bout 5 months ago, and now I got this big 'ole preggo belly."

Do you even realize how uneducated you sound? Seriously, you sound like a country bumpkin that spends her entire day sitting around watching soaps and eating bon-bons. I mean, I'd love to loll around on my bum all day doing nothing, but I highly doubt that includes allowing my vocabulary to regress to that of a bonafide hillbilly.

Ok, that's enough...I'll stop now.