Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: Starting the week off right by hitting the gym.
Bad Idea: Forgetting how grossly out of shape I am, and completely overdoing it. I can't lift my arms over my head.

Good Idea: Making a list for the grocery store.
Bad Idea: Going to the grocery store after the gym when I'm totally starved.

Good Idea: Hitting up the salad bar. Lots of fresh veggies, beans, and chicken...yum!
Bad Idea: Hitting up the last bit of the chips and dip when the salad wasn't enough.

Good Idea: Having friends over for a few beers.
Bad Idea: A whole bottle of wine.
Badder Idea: Riesling, gross.
Worst Idea: Two beers on top of that.
"Hello, gym? I know we had a great thing going earlier tonight, but I'm so over you."

Had a dream about Sprite last night, as in soda. I don't drink soda. Ended up stopping at CVS to picked up a two liter. What my subconscious wants, my subconscious gets.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

damn, you drank my riesling?? you must've been desperate...although it was a mean trick to buy it just to make me out my preganancy to you or risk fetal alcohol syndrome :)
ps-will you help me with my blog?? this is sooo much cooler than myspace