Friday, January 25, 2008

Quick Updates

  • Joined the gym. I know I went on the whole saving money rant, but this is necessary. It's on the first floor of my building, and while it's certainly not a bar, I now have no excuse to skip it on my way out the door.
  • My sister found our brother. What? While I have yet to explain the intricate network that I like to call my family, let's just leave it at...My dad had a kid before he married my mom. I told my baby sister in a argument years ago, and she decided now would be a good time to track him down. So he's like 30 something, lives in VA, not sure if I have nieces or nephews yet, or if he even knows who our dad is. We shall see how this one pans out.
  • My bestest friend in the whole wide world (at least on the West Coast) is pregnant with her first little one. I could not be more proud or excited for her and her huh (can we start saying the whole word now). They're going to be the two most adorable and doting parents in the whole world.
  • Work is amazing right now. I'm finally starting to get some more projects that require some sort of creativity.

I've really been struggling with this idea of having a brother (other than the little one). I mean, Shannon just out of the blue emails this guy with, "Hi, I'm your sister. The guy who you think is your dad, really isn't. Let's talk."

While my curiosity is certainly peaked, I'm not sure if I want to meet this brother of another mother. Does he know about us? About my dad? Why hasn't he found us before? And is my sister potentially ruining a man's life as he's known it? Can you imagine finding out that your dad, isn't really your dad?

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