Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real Life with Byn and James

Byn: i want to come back. im over school already. find a way for me to get there.

James: it's called pack your shit up and move here. take 40 - w to 10 - w the entire way.

Byn: man i wish i could. i love your blog. it really entertains me in class which i greatly appreciate. I do think i should be mentioned more often. thats just my personal opinion though. it is sooo nice here today. back to the warm weather, which could be my last love of southwest florida. i think i am meant to be in venice. im scared that by the time i get there you and j will be married with 10 kids livin in the burbs, and not the burbs of LA.

James: Gross, do we really look like burbs people? You know our kids are destined to skate on the corners with the bums and have long, sun bleached hair.

Afterthought: Ten kids?! Bitch please, I can only imagine one. If I have a girl, I'll try one more time, and that's it. Plus, we all know I'm a bit too self centered to even think about having kids in the next five years. And it can't take five years for your ass to finish school and move out here. You can live in my closet.

PS - for a student specializing in English, you need to work on your contractions. LOVE YA!


Robyn Sullivan said...

listen bitch. i save my proper english for the teaching of the children, not for emails that i am sending while not paying attention in class... ok?

James said...

U luv eet. How's that for some Floridian grammar?

Robyn Sullivan said...

poolesvillian, floridian.... its all the same. haha.

James said...

Move here and we can rename Venice, Poolesville West.

Anonymous said...

robyn, im sorry i didn't get to say bye!! next time you come out you can meet the baby and i'll be able to drink-2 very good reasons to come hang :) seriously, move here...if you decide by august you can have our old apartment/jamie's old apartment...we can keep it in the fam...good luck with school! em
ps: james, sorry to use your blog to talk to robyn...and i love the sailboat bikini!