Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend in Review

Since this was our first weekend in April without guests, Jota and I planned on taking it easy. Thursday night I ended up at the gym for nearly two hours with LM. Crazy girl, but she's keeping me on track. Was going to hit happy hour at Sonny McLean's, but was happy to hear Jota wasn't up for it.

Friday was quite the busy one in the office, but I luckily escaped before 7:00pm. Amazing. My first out before 8:30pm on a Friday night in over a month! Score! Came home, made dinner, and hung out with Jota. Nice early night.

On Saturday, Jota had to jet to work for Mahalo Idol. I might have wanted to audition. Ok, I really wanted to audition. But didn't want to get the job only because I was shacking up with Jota Extraordinaire. I ended up chilling with Duff, watched The Princess Diaries 2, then eventually got showered in time for Jota to come home and chill on the stoop with me. Jetted up to Kel and Da's for some old fashioned grilling out. The ladies made delicious looking portobello mushroom burgers, grilled asparagus, and tasty veggie kebobs. There was lots of wine. And Corona. And Newcastle. Eww. And that's sadly all I remember.

Sunday was painful. We planned on spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier for the Green Apple Festival. Made it up there around 4ish? Got some new sneaks at the Promenade, and rallied to have some super sized beers at Big Deans. Missed Ziggy perform, but I heard he sucked and only played four songs. Biking home with the wind and cold was no fun. But I got some unintentional exercise in. Woot woot! Snagged some Chipotle on the way over to Drew and Liz's so the boys could have band practice. Watched Juno with Michelle and Liz, and practically pissed my pants laughing. I can't believe I hadn't seen it! And Jason Bateman, while I do love you, even I was creeped out with your sketchy, dirty old man character.

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