Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some women can eat all the cake and ice cream they want, and never gain a pound

They are called bitches.

I saw my friend Annie the other night for the first time in ages, and I must say my heart gave a flutter when she said, "You look skinny. How much weight have you lost? How did you do it?"

It's true, I do look skinnier. I am skinnier. I've spent the past two months working my ass off, and it just starting to show that I've dropped almost 20 pounds off my short frame. My goal is another 10 - 15 pounds by my birthday, June 17th...mark that down.

So how have I done it? The hard way. The not so fun way. The old fashioned way. Diet and exercise. Spark People is pretty much the most amazing diet tool ever. DH introduced me to it's online food journal which charts anything you want. I currently track carbs, fat, protein, and fiber. I need to add sodium to that mix, but keep forgetting. Fixing my diet was the first step towards getting healthy. You can't really lose weight when you're chomping down burgers, fries, and quesadillas right? I watch my breads, and always go for the whole grains. The majority of my carbs come from fruits and veggies, because I try to eat the recommended amount everyday. It's harder than you might think.

A typical day's worth of food:


1 piece of fruit (ie plum, apple, orange)

Smoothie, made with frozen fruit, diet V8 juice, and fiber powder. I need to find a protein powder that's not all chalky.


leftovers from dinner the night before

3 oz (picture a deck of cards) salmon/chicken/beef

1/2 cup roasted asparagus/broccoli/squash


2 per day

light string cheese

1 oz almonds (Trader Joe's sells them unsalted, in individual packs)

3 tbs greek yogurt (high in protein, low in fat and sugar) mix approx 1/2 cup of fruit in with yogurt (berries, grapes, pomegranate seeds)

1/2 cup of edamame (good fats, lots of protein and fiber)

3 oz salmon/chicken/beef

1/2 cup to a full cup roasted veggies

roasted potatoes/rice (these are for Jota, but I occasionally have some)


sugar free popsicles

TCBY or Pinkberry if you're lucky like me!

more fruit (add splenda if necessary)

hot chocolate

sugar free jello pudding cups (not just for Bill Cosby!)

Exercise wise, I'm still a bit lazy. It helps that my gym is in the building I work at, so I don't really have an excuse not to go. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I force myself to do 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then I can leave. Usually I end up doing a little more, or lifting weights, but there have totally been some days where I counted down the seconds to 20 mins, and then quit. But that's better than nothing!

James' exercise schedule:


20 mins on treadmill

work abs

super sets with arms, shoulders, and squats


15 mins on bike


30 mins on treadmill/bike/combo

mat pilates



walks with Duff and Jota

Kickball is on either a Tues or Weds, so I usually don't get any workout that day. However, the other night I biked with my flat ass tires to the game, bar, and home again. My thighs were quaking in bed.

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Kiki said...

I'm the opposite. I feel like since I go to the gym, I can eat/drink whatever I want. Perhaps that's why you've lost 20 lbs and I've lost 5.

You're inspiring me!