Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Month, New Goal

Just this morning I was lamenting to Jota that I haven't set a goal for myself this month. Debating what I was going to do, I realized I set this goal on April 1st, with a deadline of my birthday, June 17th. I like this idea of goal setting. In the new year, I have reached every goal I've set. Sometimes it's not in the time frame that I would like it to be, but I've still pushed myself to finish.

On Sunday, I had some serious anxiety about not being able to complete the 5K, but fear of having to run another to meet my goal pushed me not only across the finish line, but also to run an extra 2K because the course wasn't properly marked.

Hmmm, can I do ten pounds in six weeks? Even if I lose a healthy two pounds per week, that's really pushing it. I guess this means less drinking, better eating, and more cardio. Man, I hate cardio.


Katelin said...

If 10 lbs is possible in 6 weeks then man sign me up!

Ashley said...

Ooh! Let's all do this together. I mean, I only need to lose 5lbs...but I'm all for trying to be more motivated!! :)