Monday, June 09, 2008

Baking my Little Heart Out

When Jota and I first moved to Santa Monica, we only had each other. Seriously, we had no friends. Until we got Linus McDuff of course. Then we were constantly bombarded by crazy dog ladies, but that's another post all in itself.

Being an avid soccer player, Jota set out to find some local pick up games and teams. This is where he met his first friend, Nick Barker. Nick invited us over to his apartment for a BBQ on Memorial Day weekend in 2005, and the rest is history. Soon we were gallivanting around town with Nick and Emily, and more friends to follow.

On the nights Jota played soccer, I found myself with nothing to do. See, unfortunately, Emily worked nights at the hospital. Totally awesome when I didn't have to be in the office until 1:00pm. We'd spend many a morning watching reruns of Dawson's Creek and eating chocolate chip pancakes. However, it totally sucked in terms of watching shitty reality tv and Desperate Housewives.

To pass time, I resorted to baking. First it was always my oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies. Then homemade Milanos, coconut kisses, applesauce muffins, etc. While Jota appreciated the baking, it was the men at the office who really loved the goodies. Before long, our CEO was asking, "Doesn't your boyfriend have a soccer game this week?"

When I started in a new division last year, the baking began to slack off. Pretty soon, it was only for birthdays. And then only the people I liked.

Last week, I had an epiphany. Jota and the boys have band practice once a week. I should start baking again! And baking I did. Em's baby shower is coming up in July, so I needed to test a recipe. This recipe is amazing. Red velvet cake seriously creeps me out, and I still love it. While mine may not be as perfectly pretty, I still think they're pretty damn cute.
Em, I better get some excited kicks from Doo!


Ashley said...

Um. YUM. Those look soooo cute.

Baking soo therapeutic for me. I could do it all day everyday if time permitted.

(Red velvet freaks me out too - because of My Best Friend's Wedding, I think. The armadillo cake - EW. :)

Katelin said...

i love red velvet cupcakes, so delicious. and those are so cute! love it!

wishcake said...

Wow, how cool is that frosting? And red velvet cake freaks me out a little, too - I'm not going to lie.

Hmmm...I need to do some baking. I'd say "again", but I've never really done any baking since I've been married. I wish that there was a way to cut recipies in half for things like cookies and cupcakes...maybe there is, but for some reason I'm always worried I'll ruin it.