Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crazy, Party of One

Who had a total mental breakdown last night? Me. That's right, I sat in the bathroom for 30 minutes or so and cried myself into a sloppy puddle.

Why you might ask? Oh because I was watching 20 Wedding Dos and Donts, realized I wasn't even engaged, so I better change that shit before J gets home. Well, then I felt guilty for lying to him (since when is omitting information lying...good question) so I fessed up to my new addiction to all wedding shows. Platinum Weddings, Whose Wedding is it Anyways, and my favorite, Bridezilla. I've also started watching the travel channel religiously so I can make sure to pick the sexiest, most delicious honeymoon location EVER.

WTF is wrong with me? I'm in no rush to get married. I mean, it's not like I've planned out the location, my bridesmaids, what they're wearing, what my favors will be, what my dress will look like, how I'll wear my hair...because I HAVEN'T. Of course I have my ideas, and if you get me drunk enough I'd tell you what my colors are, what song we'll dance to (not telling, you might steal them), and some other stuff that I've seriously thought about.

I'm officially wedding obsessed. And that's long as I don't start bringing wedding magazines home.

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