Monday, February 11, 2008

Shake That Bear Mountain

The 2nd Annual Shake That Mountain Trip was a success! No nudity, no debilitating hangover, lots of fun and games, and plenty of laughs were had all weekend long.

Da, Kel, and I shook the shit out of the mountain while skiing this weekend. I did my first double black, and didn't have to slowly go from side to side either. I guess it helped that I was on 120s (munchkin skis!)...but whatevs, it was a terrific, gratifying day. Top the excellent snow with a dip in our hot tub back at the cabin, and you get a happy James.

My only fall, ok fine, there were 3, but 2 don't count because...The first was at the very bottom of the hill before the lift lines. Jota always beats me to the bottom, and I love how he turns around to watch me come down. The second happened while getting off the lift with Jota and Murph. I somehow managed to get one ski under each of their boards. And they both exited opposite ways. I almost did the splits. My last fall was on the very last run of the day. It was just me and J, and he's quite swift, especially when I'm on the munchkin skis. I decided to totally bomb the last part, and starting shredding like a mad woman. Definitely ending up losing all control, flipping over onto my back, and sliding a good 50 feet. Mmm, cold snow down my pants and up my shirt.

Favorite part of the trip: Sneaking kisses and snuggles with Jota on the lifts.

Worst part of the trip: The freaking drive up there! It took us over an hour to get past downtown, and that's only 12 miles away!
Duff definitely enjoyed himself as well. Begging for food to his little heart's content, and sleeping the entire way home.

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