Friday, February 29, 2008

The week in review

Happy Leap Day! Nothing exciting happening over here. Just some working, working out, drinking, and sleeping.
  • Speaking of working out, it's the end of the month, and unfortunately I'm a pound away from my goal of 145. Boo, yes. But Woot! my skinny jeans fit! (As in my small jeans, not skinny leg jeans, because that is one trend you will never catch this girl in.) I just gave all of my too small pants to pregnant Em, and I might have to ask for some back. Ok, actually only the blue ones...please?I'm still pounding away on the treadmill in an effort to reach my March goal of 140.
  • I've had a horrible pinch in my right shoulder for the past week. I actually think it's hurt from me awkwardly sleeping on it when I'm trying to spoon Jota. We decided to try switching bed sides, in a effort to give the pinch a rest. While that idea sounds all fine and dandy, I'm actually sleeping worse. Probably because when I roll to my right to snuggle Jota, I smack my head on his nightstand, and practically roll off the bed. That and now my left shoulder is hurting from spooning to the opposite side. The troubles I have.
  • Went to drinks last night with Kate in celebration of...nothing really. She suggested this new bar that just opened on Main Street, called Main on Main, creative bunch, really. The inside was super cute with a nice secluded VIP area, and a great dance floor. We could really envision a sweet girls night out with lots of drinks, laughter, and booty shaking. Oh, and we really had to use our imaginations, because it was completely dead. I mean, we were the only two people there until Jota showed up, then Shilpa, and then Kusi, Doug, and Ben.
  • This weekend we're taking Duff to Runyon Canyon, hitting up The Griddle for brunch, and celebrating Liz's birthday with a healthy dose of karaoke!

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