Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The week in preview

Started off the week right with a wonderful dinner of steaks, roasted asparagus, and fingerling potatoes with basil and thyme. Yum. Capped off the night with a brisk and chilly walk along the beach and through the canals with J and Duff.

Tonight it's off to nitespa with Em for some girly time. You can't beat pedis and wine, especially when it's a bottomless glass. Except Em can't drink because of that whole pregnant thing, so I guess while she's eating for two, I will be drinking for two.
PS - It's Super Tuesday, vote bitches.

The US plays Mexico in a friendly Wednesday night. Watch that shit and get jealous that L is making us dinner to go along with the game. I wonder if I can crochet Duff a USA sweater in two days?

Thursday, I got nothing except the premier of Lipstick Jungle. Dear God, please end the writer's strike.

And Friday it's off to our 2nd Annual Ski Trip in Big Bear! J and Drew are driving up early Friday to get a full day in, while the rest of us will be in town later that evening. Late night hijinks will of course be documented on film, and pending nudity (last year, bad, real bad) will be up on Flickr and YouTube shortly after.

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