Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Unintentional Venice Bar Crawl

Went out to sushi with Kusi, Doug, Lauren and Jota. Did my first sake bomb. Saw Suge Knight. Took a pic of his car for fear of being shot if caught taking a picture of him. Had long debate with boys on whether or not it was actually Suge Knight.

Girls: "Dude, that's totally Suge."

Boys: "Are you sure? Wait, let me Google Images him."

Girls: "Look at the beard! It's him! It's him!"

Boys: "Don't point, he might see you! But seriously thought, don't you think he'd be more jacked? He just got out of prison."

Girls: "Whatevs, we're telling everyone we saw him."

Moved on to Cabo Cantina where we proceeded to take over a table on the balcony with the fire pit. Ordered two rounds of tequila shots, and ended up playing speed quarters for a good hour with our plastic shot glasses. Got tab, realized that when you tell waitress, "Bring us a round of tequila" she will upgrade you to Patron without even asking. Sure it was smooth going down, but I would have been fine with rail. Guess I know to specify next time. However, Jota tells me Cabo only serves Patron! WTF kind of mexican bar is that?

Stumbled out of Cabo, only to dart across Washington to the world famous Hinano. Split a pitcher, met up with the Barkers, decided to move on. Popped into Nick's Market next door to grab some road beers for the walk to Townhouse. Tapped the Rockies. Practically died laughing while watching Kusi race Lauren, and then Jota down Speedway. He pulled his hammy. Sorry Kus!

Amazingly gained entrance into Townhouse, only to leave with Jota after finishing my beer. I hear the kids rallied on to Nicki's.

Inner Monologue - It's 7am, and who's at my door? Fuck! Forgot Kusi was coming over to watch the Arsenal game. Will just stay in bed and let Jota entertain him. Oh, and now Barker's here? Shit! Where are my clothes?


Wait, am I still drunk? Am definitely still drunk. Was texting with Bee Gold last night? At 4am? Chicago time right? No? LA time? What was I doing up at 4am? Did I have more beers? Must check recycling to see once I need more coffee.

Went to see The Other Boleyn Girl with Em. Good movie, would be better with more sex. Really just need more naked Eric Bana. Would it have killed them to include a shot of his ass?

Gave Jota a mohawk.

Went to Texas Loosey's for Liz's birthday dinner. Had yummy pulled pork with mac n' cheese. Got a cute little drink called a 'Kick Ass' that came in a cute little boot. Have three boots at home now! Moved on to The Rustic Lite for karaoke. Watched the boys do a humorous rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Went home early because really, I went out a bit too hard the night before.

Chilled. Went shopping with Jota. Grilled out at Kusi's crib. Missed out on volleyball and croquet because of stupid traffic.

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