Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The End Has Come

I'm officially over junk food. Read that again, slowly. Last night, Jota and I went out to dinner with our weekly roommate (Kusi) to Danny's Deli. Unable to just stick with a salad, I opted for the Philly cheese steak with carmelized onions. Wouldn't you? It was damn good, and yet so filling that I could only eat half of it. I'm thinking to myself, "Look at you, going out to eat dinner, and only indulging a little bit. Yeah that's right."

Unfortunately at 5:30 this morning, my tummy was telling me, "Bitch, don't you ever eat that junk again! You think I'm angry now? Eat the rest of that sandwich for lunch today and I'll really let you know how I feel."

I left the house this morning with my excellent eggy cups (recipe and photos eventually) and no lunch in tow. Determined to get back on the healthy track, I offered to order in from California Vegan for a few girls on my team. Forty minutes later, I sign for the check, and bound to the kitchen to divvy up the goods. Pad see eew and soy chicken satay for me, veggies for the unadventurous, and wait...FOUR orders of pad thai?! I call them back up and explain, "I think there was a mistake. See when I asked for 'a full order of pad thai', I think you thought I said four orders of pad thai."

"Uh, that what you order. I repeat back 'four order pad thai', and you say yes".

"Yes, you're right. I understand that. But you see I thought you said 'full order pad thai'. Which is why I agreed with you."

"So what is problem?"

"The problem is I have three extra orders of pad thai, which normally wouldn't be a problem if they had shrimp and not soy fish in them, meaning no one else is going to eat them. I need you to take them back because my boss is breathing down my neck for spending $90 on lunch from a strip mall."

"Ok, you bring back and we refund."

I felt shitty, shitty, shitty. You know they just threw that food away. And the poor woman who took my order was all worried about her boss finding out that she made a mistake. I tried to explain there was no fault on either of us, it was simply a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that required them to refund me $30. And this is why I hate being an assistant in LA.

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